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Your videos are fantastic! I had a 29 before these videos and got a 33 after! THANKS SO MUCH!!
- Prithvi Boinpally
Your guides helped me to get a 32. Please do more.
- Zachary Joseph
My daughter was accepted by her dream school mainly accredited to her last ACT composite score of 32 (from 24). Thanks!
- Diane Chang
Thanks for all these tips! I got a 33 because of all of your videos.
- Justin Lee
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! I JUST GOT MY SCORES BACK YESTERDAY AND I GOT A 34!!!!!!!!!!! (COMING FROM A 27!!!!!) Your tips were seriously very helpful so thank you VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Teddy Chaffman
32!!! Thanks a bunch, man!
- Dietrich Wolfinger
I initially got a 28, but then I employed this strategy, cleared my mind, and got a 35! I have never been so focused in my life! Haha thanks!
- Азор_Ахай
How do you sleep at night knowing you helped people? I love you.
- Osrs Monkey
Dude you are a genius.
- Rich Piana
You're a genius thank you so much.
- ruairi haran
I didn't study for the ACT and just used these videos like right before and I got a 31.
- Lauren Jones
Watching your videos past few days. By far some of the best summaries of concepts that show up on the test. Good stuff man keep it up.
- Stone Zhang
seriously LOVE your videos! taking it Saturday and I feel better knowing these helpful tips! thanks!
- Casa de Churro
After watching your videos, I am very confident for my upcoming test. Thanks for the help.
- Mukunda Thakalee
THANK YOU! I'm trying to get into college classes in high school and this video helped so much!
- lexie pepsi
Thank You So Much!! Your Videos Make Me Feel Like I Have A Chance To Ace The Act!!!
- Roopi Korada
Thank u so much I have the act on Tuesday and this is helping me a lot.
- Nicholas Hale
Wow! Thank you so much. I'm taking it in a few days. This is really good information to help me prepare.
- Nathon Wesley
Thank you so much! I'm taking the ACT this saturday, so this was a MAJOR help.
- Mark Co
You're Amazing!!! I love your videos!
- Ly Nguyen
My score went from a 21 to a 30 just by your videos and website, thanks! Now I get a full scholarship!!!!!
- KeenanBP1996
Thank you so much!!!! I took my ACT in October and I got my scores back today. My reading went from a 28 to a 32 and my science went from a 26 to a 31. I can now receive 2 years of free tuition from Utah State and I have a chance of being admitted to USC. Seriously, THANK YOU.
- SomeLinkinParkFan
Dude, your tips blow my mind. They work soooooo well! All the tips I have ever research don't even compare to his advice!
- Graham L.
Raised my score from a 19 to a 24 for science!
- John Jones
If you're ever wondering if these videos help us. Believe me they do help and thank you.
- nour romano
I love your videos! I struggle very badly with science, and your videos have helped me get a better understanding of it! Thanks!
- 98Impossible
I went from a 16 in science to a 22.
- MEGAjunglejuice
This was amazing! It helped me so much, I didn't consider these things before! I will use these strategies on my re-test in June! You rock! :-)
- Dominique Vaughn
With Princeton Review's strategy I got 25 but with yours 33!
- aloe vera
More helpful than the princeton review books. I was following their tips, my score got worse, whereas your advice is more like my method and works much better.
- Haris dehwar
Thank you so much!! I went from a 22 to a 31 in the reading section!
- Christopher Howell
best videos ever
- psyruz co
It really helped my son. Thank you very much! He had a lot of improvement.
- Muhamad Abdullah
Dude this video is the best or should I say these videos are the best :-D
- Keiron Baptiste
Thank you, I improved my score on English by 6 points! Helped to increase my composite by 3 points thank you! The digital watch is really a must!
You are so much more helpful than this program my school pays a lot of money for and no student likes. I think they should pay you instead.
- TheAddictedtoshoppin
Your vids are great! I feel more prepared already.
- Jessica Paul
These videos are just loaded with information...so helpful!
- Francis Lau
I was really struggling in the ACT. You helped me double my score.
- phantomphoenix
Thank you so much! My scores were raised 5 bands on math
- Yousra Salama
Thank you so much!!!!! When I first took my ACT it was not a good time. I was very stressed out over other issues and I didn’t really study and embarrassingly got a 17............ I finally got my score back for my second test and studied for a good 2 months straight and watched this video before I took the test again and I kid you not I got a 28!!!!!! I am beyond happy oh my gosh! I thought I would probably go up to maybe a 25 if I was lucky but it went up so much more!!! Thank you for your tips.
- Amie Koster
I just wanted to say I appreciate your videos so much. I first took the ACT in September at got a 28. After watching (literally all of) your videos, I realized I needed a lot of improvement in time management! I took the ACT again this October and I got a 33. I didn't study or buy any prep books - all I did was watch my time more efficiently. I bought a digital watch, began reading the reading passages entirely BEFORE trying the questions, used the finger method in science, and skipped math problems that took too long so I could come back to them later. And I guess you could say these little strategies really paid off. Thanks so much for your videos, I LOVE them. Keep up the good work!!
- Carolyn Hanson-Lee
- MaximumVolume1000
I got a 34 in reading.
- Bruni
Your tips on taking the ACT are extremely helpful. I watched your video on taking the science portion just before the April test and that video helped me bring my science score up 6 points. Thank you so much for helping me!
- Cocoabean
My science score escalated from a 16 to a 26! Thanks!
- blahblahblahangie
Thank you! I went from a 20 on the Writing ACT to a 26. On the reading, I went from a 22 to a 26.
- candyapple4242
Thank you so much for your videos! Highly recommend his videos for anyone taking the ACT! Best information and advice out there, thanks so much!
- zena zeidan
THANK YOU!!!! Your tips helped my ACT score go up 5 points!! I owe it all to you.
- Ula L
This is the best video! I passed my act with a 20 ☺️ thank you so much for the tips!
- Vanessa Achille
Thank you! I went from a 20 on the Writing ACT to a 26. On the reading, I went from a 22 to a 26.
- candyapple4242
Thank you! I went from a 20 on the Writing ACT to a 26. On the reading, I went from a 22 to a 26.
- candyapple4242